Jubelabend Lobpreisgottesdienst

19:00 - 22:00


Jubelabend Lobpreisgottesdienst
mit Daniel Matthew & Aryel Murphy
(Hillsong Sydney)

Daniel and Aryel are a part of Hillsong Church are the currently volunteers in the Creative team at Hillsong Inner West in Sydney Australia. They play an integral part in not only worship leading, but in raising others to point people to Jesus through various outlets of creativity. Their journey of Worship Leading together began in Los Angeles, CA where they first met, and helped pioneer the beginning stages of what is now known as, Hillsong California.

Daniel has grown up in Hillsong Church, serving along side key leadership in Hillsong Kids, Youth (Young & Free) and Creative for weekly services as well as events such as Hillsong Conference. He received a Bachelor’s of Music at Excelsior College, where he debuted many of his original songs and compositions – and has become well crafted in his love for songwriting. From a young age, Aryel has loved music and songwriting. She grew up leading worship in her local church in Los Angeles, CA where she developed a desire for people of all walks of life to find Jesus in a real an authentic way. In 2014 Aryel’s family joined Hillsong Los Angeles where she got involved with their creative teams, and began leading worship regularly. In 2015, Aryel alongside of some of Hillsong’s key songwriters, wrote and lead a song called “Love On The Line” which is featured on Hillsong Worship’s Open Heaven/River Wild album.

Together, Daniel and Aryel are passionate about worship in the local church, and seeing people come to find Jesus; and are advocates of living a lifestyle of authenticity, vulnerability, and connection to community.